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Dude. I wonder why you have to be such an asshole.

So there’s this guy at work who thinks he’s boss when in point of fact he’s far from it.

I’m not even mad. We actually were close during my earlier days at the office, and I even found him (I’ll refer to him as “bossman”) cool ’cause he likes music and stuff. But every time we  talk, like during lunch break and such, one thing I’ve noticed is he can’t stop insulting our team mates. He always points out how “incompetent” and “stupid” they are. To be honest, some of our team mates were being just a bit lazy but I do know they’re competent. I, like all good people do, just smiled it off and shut my trap about it.

But there came a time when I can’t take any more of his shit. So I just avoided him and never spent lunch hour with him again. I can’t help but think he’d be telling other people how “incompetent” I am now. I don’t care; I know everybody hates him that much anyway to believe anything he says.

Oh, and my job’s fairly easy. I encode and create dispatch forms for papers. I won’t go into that much detail but for you to have an idea of what I do, think of a docketing service for some office. That’s what my work environment would be like; it’s our job to determine which paper goes where, and all that stuff. Thing is, (and let’s keep this our secret) encoding’s not even on my work detail. Encoding is like, three-four steps above my pay grade, but since I’d be doing pretty much nothing if we stick to the job descriptions, then might as well. And encoding is easy. Sheesh.

What I don’t like is he seem to think that encoding’s really my job, when in fact it’s part of his, and I’m just helping the team by doing it. Now, remember yesterday when I got sick and didn’t go to work? He (bossman) used that one. fucking. instance to force me to finish all my work before going home, when the deadline of my dispatch form’s not even tomorrow morning. See, there’s supposed to be someone (not bossman) filling in for me but the faggot (not bossman) didn’t bring his mobile phone to work so he didn’t get my message about me not going to work, thus causing some delay for the dispatch team. That sucked. Because when said faggot once took his leave for a week, I filled in for his post flawlessly, while still managing to finish my own work. And now I take a break for one day, legitimately because I got sick, and bossman takes that as a sign of unreliability; forcing me to finish my work after-hours? lolnothankyou.jpg Shave your bossy air up your ass, faggot.

Anyway, when bossman talked to me about it, I just said, “oookkkaay… I’ll do it…”


>>My face when I then trolled his shitty ass by walking out of the office and then said, “ haha Bye, I’m going home.”


Well, he did call me back (“Heeeeey!”), and so I walked back towards him. He said “So what about that thing I asked you to do?”

I said, “haha no I can do it tomorrow. Bye.”


Exit.  Like a boss.


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