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Detox Day!

Most of my friends know that I am a compulsive smoker. Last night, while walking with Adrianne, I decided to just quit.

It’s not like it’s my first time, too. I tried to quit several ¬†times¬†(two or three, I’m not sure) and I always go cold turkey mode. The longest I’ve managed without cigarettes is about a month or two, I think, but I always fail. This time, I’m gonna try a different approach: semi-cold turkey.

Let me point out that I do know and admit that I’m better off without smoking. I know that quitting has its benefits:

  • General good health.
  • It improves my well-being.
  • I can breathe easier; I could taste food better.
  • No more cigarette-stink on my breath and my clothes. Yellowish tooth- and nail-stains would be gone eventually, as well.
  • I save a lot of money (and I do mean A LOT, trust me. I think I spend more or less P250 a week on cigarettes alone.
  • I reduce the risk of heart attack and cancer.
  • It’ll raise my chances of living a longer life.

So, why the hell not? I’ll try this one more time, but I won’t push myself too hard. Cold turkey makes me sick and I can’t afford to be sick now. So starting today (actually, it started last night) ’til the end of the week, I’ll limit myself to 2-3 sticks per day.

Uhhh… This may not be a nice ending to this blog post but I’m smoking a cigarette as I’m writing this now. Wait! Come on. This is the first.Cigarette. Stick. I’ve Ever. Smoked. Today.


So that means I didn’t smoke anything until after more than twelve hours (counting hours of sleep)! That’s quite an achievement for the first day, don’t you think?

So yes, I’m smoking, and my breathing feels heavy again. Shit, why do I always do this. I don’t want to smoke. But I want to smoke. My mind is full of fuck.

Ha. Wish me luck.


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