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Just got home from work, and schyeah, it’s *cha-ching!* pay day (meaning the day I pay my debts and loans back). 

My day at work, as usual, had been boring. Not much paper today, and I felt sleepy the whole afternoon. I even took a nap for about ten minutes, and believe me, I rarely  take naps.

So on my way home I decided to take a walk to the nearest mall, you know, to just cruise or something. Then I spotted this cute/kawaii (can’t believe I used that word) store that sells, well, cute stuff.


>> They list the plastic bag as P 0.01 on the receipt. Finally, a store that honestly tells you, “Sir, you’ll be paying for that bag.”

The store’s name is “Clipper” and they sell gifts, uh… bags, and, well uhm… ehem, stationeries. One look at what’s displayed at the front of the store and I knew I would love it. Sorry I didn’t take a photo with my cell because, well, there’s too many people walking around and stuff and I don’t want them to see me, taking pictures of cute green frogs and bears and all those pink stuff sold at the store. Just… no.

Anyway, I went inside, and I asked for a chocolate jar.  Something cute, see-through (glass), that you could store chocolate candies in. I thought that’d be neat. The saleslady told me that “We don’t have glass jars, but we do have these, sir,” pointing to a jar-like creature on the top of a shelf.  She showed me:

durrlahhh>>mfw brown bear jar.

Taa-daa! A brown transparent bear!!! And I thought to myself, “Yes. This is it. This is gonna be the thing that’ll hold all my chocolate candies for the rest of my life. I’m gonna name her Darla…” then I said to the sales lady, “YES. I’ll take that.” So she seemed happy and stuff so I left her in a good mood, I guess, as I took Darla home. I don’t know how her mood’s relevant to the story.

I bought a bag of Ricoa Flat Tops (Google it, really?) before I walked my way home and made Darla hold them. YES. She is complete.  She’s getting used to the environment. I think she’ll like it here.


>>Darla, that’s a computuhrrr.
>>*it’s b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l* :’)
>>Yes, it is, Darla. Yes, it is. 

So that was how I met Darla. I can’t wait ’til Adrianne meets her, too. XD


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