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Meh Me.

I’ve been very unproductive today.

I woke up in the morning feeling sick. Well, more of the “I don’t want to go to work” feel than being actually sick, but, you know what I mean. Maybe it’s the withdrawal symptoms kicking in; maybe my body’s just not used to breathing easily it revolts and manages to implode upon itself… thus causing me to cough to infinity and beyond whilst feeling so tired and cold.

So I called in sick for work, and went back to sleep. This was about 8, 9am… then woke up at 3pm. Nice, huh? Haven’t slept that much in a long time. Then I played Pokemon Emerald:

mfw i have eight badges

>>mfw I have eight badges.

Did I mention I love Pokemon? Heey, waiiit… It’s not what you think! It’s not all about catching cute monsters that battle… it’s a deep game that involves calculation and hidden formulas and rocket science and quantum physics… and, gah. It’s no good. If you want to know why I love Pokemon, you have to ask me in person. We could have infinite casual talking topics.

And yeah, I’m playing Emerald at the moment, and after I beat the E4 on this one (too lazy to train at the moment, and trainers and Victory Road… emh… I’m just not in the mood), I’m planning to do another run of Platinum and then play Black after that. My trainer sprite is female because… I dunno lol. Male trainers are too mainstream. *hipster!* And “Yanyan” is Adrianne’s nickname btw.

I also tried to troll my tumblr (which I touch every other day now and has close to zero readers) by posting an audio post with a picture of a cool-looking sun that asks…


>>Click the image and click play on the audio file to find out what made me happy today! Obvious troll is obvious

And last but not the least, right now, I’m trying to write two poems while listening to… Ta-da! Lily-fucking-Allen!

>>I think she’s freaking awesome.

Well… that’s about it. Later I’d probably still be listening to Lily Allen, trying to write a poem, while reading /vp/ and/or Bulbapedia simultaneously, while talking to Adrianne.

I think the semi-cold turkey program’s working by the way. I don’t crave for cigarettes that much anymore. It’s just these withdrawal effects I’m suffering under… not cool. But, after this I could be clean! Yay!

— —

Update: I finished writing the two poems (“A Robin Flies” and “Aquaken!“), I personally think “Aquaken!” kinda sucked.


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